Make it easier for people to talk about your product

Create customizable, embeddable widgets for your website that makes it easier for people to refer others to your website

Easy to Customize and Embed

Use your brand color, Call-to-action and description that people can share on your behalf.

1. Create the custom widget

Configure the widget by customizing text, color, sharable text etc. As shown below.

Tell Your Friends

Referr it!

2. Generate the Script

Referr creates a small script for you.

3. Embed the Script

Copy paste the script in the head tag of your website. Done.

Everytime a visitor visits the page they will see it embeded at the bottom right corner of your website.


Pay what you want.

You will need to get a license key in order to signup and use Referr. Please get a license key from Gumroad page here.